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If you or your family member is in legal trouble faced by a criminal charge, it is natural to be scared and confused. While a lot can start running in your head about the crime and the proceedings, one of the best ways to find some relief is to consult a criminal defense lawyer who can assist you in the process of defending yourself in court.

Having a criminal defense attorney early in the legal process is valuable as you might find difficulty trying to understand the law and representing yourself in court. Depending on your legal case, it is often a good idea to have a professional and expert by your side to reach the desired outcomes and get a favorable resolution.

However, finding the best criminal defense lawyer matching your needs, budget, and expectations can be challenging. This guide talks about all you should know about hiring the right attorney service for your criminal case. We also discuss how you should prepare yourself for your initial consultation with the lawyer to ensure you make the right choice.

What is Criminal Law?

Criminal law is an area of the American justice system that encompasses problems associated with criminal offenses. Crimes are defined by local, state, and federal laws and range from minor mistakes like speedy driving to more serious crimes such as murder.

The law defines the Punishments for each crime which are generally proportionate to the crime severity. Minor offenses are punishable by short-term prison or fine, while extreme cases may result in a life sentence, death penalty, or long-term imprisonment, depending on the situation.

US law allows criminals to represent and defend themselves in court. Criminal proceedings can be quite complex, particularly when multiple people and charges are involved. Whenever you are charged with a crime, it is best to seek legal representation and professional assistance. If you face legal criminal charges, you should consult a legal representative at the earliest to protect your rights and build your defense.

Read more about criminal law procedures on United States Courts website

Types of Criminal Defense Lawyers

When you start searching for a lawyer specializing in criminal defense, it is crucial to find somebody experienced and specialized in the type of case resembling yours. Different types of criminal defense lawyers exist; here are some of the most common ones.

Criminal Defense

A criminal defense lawyer helps defend an individual charged with a crime. Most of them are public lawyers in charge of representing the criminal in court and making the arguments in his defense.


These lawyers are criminal defense attorneys specialized in handling Driving Under Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases.

The professional is aware of the driving laws in the state and can help defend the accused, get the case dismissed, reduce charges or negotiate punishment.

Drug Crime

These lawyers help people defend themselves against drug offenses like possessing and using intoxicating substances, distributing or manufacturing prohibited drugs, and other drug-related cases.

Federal & White-Collar Crimes

These lawyers represent individuals and businesses in different types of white-collar prosecutions and investigations.

The most common cases they handle include anti-money laundering, antitrust, intellectual property and IT crimes, bank and check fraud, export/import violations, forgery, mortgage fraud, money laundering, security fraud, and tax evasion.

Sex Crime

A sex crime lawyer represents people charged with illegal sexual conduct. They help build a defense against charges like rape, sexual assault, internet sex crimes, and child molestation to save the accused from severe penalties associated with these crimes.

Traffic Ticket

This type of criminal defense lawyer helps people who have violated traffic rules and laws. These lawyers help understand the state and federal laws related to traffic and the consequences of violation and help produce relevant evidence and documents for resolution.

Cost of Criminal Defense Lawyers

One of the top considerations is how much it costs to hire a criminal defense lawyer when looking for options. The cost of a criminal defense attorney service depends on various factors, including the complexity of the case, the region where the case is handled, and the lawyer’s expertise and experience, among other things.

The price you pay for the service also depends on the lawyer’s billing process. Some professionals choose the hourly billing route, where the cost depends on the number of hours he spends on your case. Some other attorneys may charge a flat fee based on the type of offense and the case’s complexity.

Notice lawyers retainer

Regardless of the billing process, many lawyers would want the clients to pay a retainer fee before they start working on the case. The lawyer uses this fee to pay different fees and expenses related to the case. When the balance nears zero, the client is asked to pay an additional amount. In such a case, the lawyer should provide statements containing details of the time spent on the case, the work done, and the amount utilized.

If the lawyer charges an hourly fee, the service’s total cost depends on the time it takes to complete it. The hourly rate generally varies between lawyers, depending on their experience level and skills.

An experienced professional may charge a higher rate than a beginner but may complete the case in fewer hours. Before agreeing on this arrangement, make sure you ask the estimated number of hours it would take to have an idea of the cost.

Here are some costs examples :

TypeRetainerHourlyFlat Fee
Criminal Defense

Misdemeanour – $2,500

Felony – $2,500 To $15,000 (Based on the reputation and availability of the attorney)


Felony – $250-$400/Hr

Misdemeanour – $2,500-$3,000/Case

Felony – $5,000-$100,000/Case (Includes other expenses such as investigators, expert witnesses & deposition costs)

DUI & DWI$2,500 To $15,000 Depending On Reputation$2,000 To $5,000 / Day When In Trial$2,500 To $4,000 / Case Depending On Complexity & Experience
Drug Crimes$2,500 To $4,000 Depending On The Charges, Complexity & Estimated Time For Resolution

Misdemeanour – $150 To $200 / Hr

Felony – $300 To $500 / Hr

Serious Felony – Up to $800 / Hr

Misdemeanour – $3,500 / Case

Felony – $10,000 / Case

Serious Felony – $25,000 / Case

Federal & White Collar$5,000 To $100,000 Depending On The Complexity of The Case & Reputation of The Attorney

Junior Associate – $150 To $300 / Hr

Senior Associate – $350 To $500 / Hr

Partner – $800 To $1,500 / Hr

Misdemeanour – $5,000 To $25,000 / Case

Felony – $50,000 To $300,000 / Case

Serious Felony – $100,000 To $1,000,000 / Case

Sex Crimes$2,500 To $4,000 Based On The Experience & Reputation of The Attorney

Junior Associate – $150 To $300 / Hr

Senior Associate – $200 To $400 / Hr

Partner – $500 To $1,000 / Hr

$5,000 To $100,000 (Including expenses of expert witnesses, investigators, and depositions)
Traffic Tickets$0 – No Upfront Fees$90 To $150 / Hr (Depending on the nature of violations & the effort and complexity of the case)$365 To $1,200 / Case (Including court, filing, and other related expenses)


Cost summary :

Most lawyers charge a flat or fixed fee for uncomplicated cases. In the ‘flat’ fee structure, the attorney specifies a dollar amount for the service. However, before agreeing to this arrangement, determine what services the fee covers and what doesn’t. It is also good to clarify what happens if the case requires more work than estimated.

Whatever arrangement you agree to for the fees, make sure you get it documented. Every time the lawyer bills you, review it to see how the money is being spent. If there is something you don’t understand, ask the professional to explain it to you.

How To Choose A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When you or your loved one is faced with a criminal charge, it is necessary that you have the best criminal defense lawyer by your side.

The choice of your lawyer could make a difference between getting free and spending years in prison. Finding the perfect attorney to represent your case can be a challenging task; there are so many options available in the US that it seems difficult to find one that suits your needs the best.

Here are a few things you should look for in a criminal defense lawyer.

  • Experience

    When hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you want to ensure that they possess enough experience. It is easy to understand that a professional with years of experience in criminal cases have a higher success rate than one who is a newbie in the area. Though experienced lawyers tend to charge higher for their service, it is worth the cost, particularly when you are faced with a serious lawsuit.

  • Referrals

    An important step in finding the best criminal defense lawyer is asking your friends and family for recommendations. People you know would be able to tell you how a lawyer should handle your case. You can also turn to any civil lawyer you know for referrals. They are likely to recommend the most reputed professionals in the locality to help you. You can also search the internet for referrals and reviews. These sources containing genuine reviews from clients also help you a lot in deciding between the options.

  • Specialization

    Most general lawyers would agree to take up a criminal defense case, but that doesn’t mean they are specialized in the area of law. It is not advisable to hire somebody inexperienced in criminal defense when you could work with a public defender for cheaper. Be upfront about asking them how much experience they have in criminal defense.

    It would be best if you also enquired about the outcomes of cases similar to yours. Get a good idea of what kind of cases they specialize in and their success rate at defending cases like yours. You certainly don’t want to hire an attorney specializing in DUI if you are charged with a white-collar crime.

  • Knowledge

    While this may seem obvious, one of the most significant things to ensure is that your lawyer knows the area of law well.

    They should be particularly familiar with the local laws in the region and criminal law. A good lawyer should also know about the basics of the most common crimes and the possibilities associated with them.

  • Connections

    Like any other field, networking is critical in law. When choosing a criminal defense lawyer, it is beneficial to see whether they have connections with the local courts.

    While this is something generally ignored when looking for lawyers, connections and relations can help to a great extent in winning a case..

  • Confidence

    The lawyer you choose should be confident in their skills; you want somebody who knows what is to be done. Lack of confidence can present you as guilty of the charge on you in court.

    Hiring an experienced attorney improves the chances that they are comfortable handling the process and confident in their skills.

  • Quick Response

    When you are charged with a crime, there is a time limitation for responding. This is why you want a proactive lawyer who can start working on the case at the earliest. He should be able to deal with every detail thoroughly without missing anything.

    He would also reach out to you quickly on any queries regarding the case. Getting a proactive and responsive attorney who keeps in touch all the time makes sure your case is handled correctly.

  • Clarity of Fees

    A reliable criminal defense lawyer is generally open and upfront about the fees. Some attorneys may try to make more money by hiding the fees and billing more than the agreed price.

    This is why it is important that you get a written agreement stating the fees and terms. This will ensure the lawyer does not charge more than what is initially decided or refuse services offered to you.

    You should also be aware of weird pricing, particularly too high or too low fees. If a lawyer gives you a highly expensive estimate of cost, you must determine whether it is worth paying for the service.

    Many professionals charge higher for their service if they are famous in the area, regardless of their success rate.

    On the other hand, if somebody offers you a too cheap rate, there is a possibility the attorney has a bad rep or may hit you with hidden fees later. Make sure you identify professionals who clearly define the charges and have reasonable fees.

Things You Need To Know Before Talking To A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your initial consultation with the criminal defense lawyer is a chance to learn more about the professional, enquire about their service and charges, discuss your case and its possible outcomes and convey your expectations.

However, it is important to be prepared in advance to make the most out of this opportunity. Here are a few things you should know before talking to your lawyer for the first time.

  • Consultation

    Personal injury lawyers will rarely charge for an initial meeting with prospective clients. Consultations are typically over the phone, via Zoom and are free. You can ask questions and gain clarification before proceeding with the lawsuit.

  • Identify your Needs

    If you are facing a criminal charge, whether minor or major, you must seek legal help to protect your rights. It is best to schedule a consultation with the lawyer to understand what you should expect and whether you need help representing yourself in court.

    The lawyer can explain to you how serious the charge is and whether you need a professional to represent you legally. However, it would help if you determined whether you can afford to hire an attorney for legal representation and your budget for the same before scheduling an appointment. Identifying your needs and budget makes it easy to decide on hiring a lawyer.

  • Research the Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Criminal defense lawyers are attorneys who represent people charged with a crime or those with lawsuits filed against them. Criminal cases are brought to them by individuals, organizations, states, or federal government agencies. It is important to understand, before meeting your lawyer, how these professionals can help deal with legal issues associated with your case.

    They generally try and get your case dismissed or improve the situation. If the case goes before the court, they represent you and help you get a fair trial and favourable outcome.

  • Decide the Type of Lawyer you Need

    Once you decide that you require the service of a criminal defense lawyer, you must determine whether you need a state or federal attorney, depending on what law you have violated.

    The complexity of your case will also help you decide whether you should hire a more experienced lawyer who can spend more time working on your case. You also want to look for lawyers specialized in the type of cases resembling yours.

    As they have handled similar cases before, they are more aware of the consequences and complexities and can improve your chances of winning.

How To Prepare For A Criminal Defense Lawyer Consultation?

Getting charged with a crime can be a scary experience, particularly if you have no prior experience with the justice system. However, scheduling a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer can prove to be valuable as they can provide you assistance and guidance through the legal process.

At the first meeting, you get a chance to know your lawyer, ask questions about the service, your case, and your situation and learn more about the possible consequences. Here is how you should prepare for a consultation with the criminal defense lawyer.

  • Collect Documents Related to Your Case

    Apart from your driving license or other legal identity documents, you should prepare other paperwork to present to the attorney during the consultation. You should expect to carry these documents with you to the meeting:

    • Personal contact details
    • Documentation of prior charges or arrests
    • Documents confirming your professional details
    • Bail paperwork
    • Property papers
    • Police reports
    • Hospital reports

    It would help if you also prepared any additional pieces of evidence you think could help, including voicemails, texts, photos, emails, or other documents. Even if you are not sure if it could help, it is a good idea to carry it along. The more details you can provide to your lawyer, the better they can prepare to defend your case.

  • Identify Relevant Witnesses and Evidence

    Before meeting your criminal defense lawyer for the first time to discuss your case, it is a good idea to prepare everything that could support your lawsuit.

    It would be best if you took time to identify witnesses who may be able to present relevant information about the incident, confirm your background or character, describe the event, or support your arguments. It would help if you also inform the attorney about witnesses, and evidence you think are against you.

  • Make a List of Questions to Ask the Lawyer

    Prepare a list of questions in advance before meeting the criminal defense lawyer to make sure all your concerns and doubts are addressed on time. Some of the questions you should include in your list for asking the lawyer include:

    • How many cases similar to yours the lawyer has dealt with, and what were the outcomes?
    • How much time will it take for your case to resolve?
    • What are the best and worst-case scenarios for your case?
    • How often will you have to appear before the court?
    • How does the lawyer charge for the service?
    • How strong is their expertise with your type of case?
    • Will your case be addressed personally by the lawyer?
    • Does he see any challenges or concerns in building your case?

    Asking the right set of questions at the initial consultation helps decide on the choice of the lawyer. So, it is important to prepare the list ahead of time. You can add questions that help you understand how confident the lawyer is about winning your case and his track record in the area of law.

  • Be Prepared to Answer many Questions!

    The attorney should be able to understand you and your situation completely in order To represent you effectively in court and become your advocate in the case.

    You will be answering several questions about yourself and the events associated with the criminal charges. It would help if you were prepared to provide to-the-point, accurate and complete answers to any questions the lawyer asks you without hesitating.

    If you hide information or tell a lie, it ultimately affects your case and your chances of winning. It is best to be upfront with the lawyer at the meeting without any guilt or hesitation. When asked, you should describe the events and conversations, including the tiniest details to help the lawyer understand the case and defend you well.


Who are criminal defense lawyers?

These lawyers specialize in defending individuals and businesses charged with criminal activity.

How much does hiring a criminal defense lawyer cost in the US?

You can expect to pay an average of $8000 for the services of a criminal defense lawyer in the US, but the exact price depends on the location, the reputation of the lawyer, and the complexity of your case.

What does a criminal defense lawyer do?

This type of lawyer takes care of many important tasks associated with a criminal case. They are responsible for defending the accused person and representing the victim in front of the court.

What are the most common criminal defense issues?

Some of the most common examples of criminal defense cases handled by lawyers include domestic violence, drug cases, public intoxication, DUI, and disorderly conduct issues.


It is common practice for the settlement check to go to your lawyer. They will contact you and go over a list of costs and expenses before deducting their percentage and depositing the rest in your account. This is to ensure that the lawyer is paid for his service.

This table should help you have a visual representation of costs and fees that are due a personal injury lawyer.

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