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The U.S government has a legal program under which old-age retirees, victims of work-related accidents, and people with physical disabilities can seek benefits to support their living.

If you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you can apply for a claim with the Social Security Administration. However, hiring an attorney for the procedure can improve your chances of getting the claim approved.

Lawyers specialized in this area of law can also represent you before the court if you have a social security dispute that you find difficult to resolve. These professionals can also advise you on your retirement benefits and options available and help you file your claim while guiding you on the right investment plan to create sufficient income for your retirement years.

In this guide, let us discuss the social security & retirement law and see how you can find the right lawyer for your requirements.

What Is Social Security & Retirement Law?

Social Security is a program run in the United States to provide disability income and retirement benefits to qualified individuals. Under this law, people reaching the retirement age between 62-67 years can apply for the insurance claim and receive a payback depending on how much they paid as social security taxes during their life.

Social Security & Retirement law also applies to disabled individuals who cannot work and those suffering from illnesses that prevent them from working. This law also governs the survivor benefits given to the spouse and children of deceased workers. A lawyer practicing law can help apply a claim under the social security program.

Attorneys specializing in social security & retirement law can help clients navigate the process and resolve any disputes related to social security insurance or benefits. They can also provide legal assistance in case of a claim is denied. These professionals can even help protect the rights of qualifying individuals and represent them in court to get justice.

Types of Social Security & Retirement Legal Services

Social Security & Retirement Law is a specialized area of law that covers several programs, including disability benefits, retirement benefits, and survivors benefits. Lawyers specializing in this field provide a wide range of legal services and assistance and work on different types of cases and issues related to social security.


    This type of lawyer is responsible for helping people who find trouble getting benefits under an employer retirement plan.

    An attorney specializing in the area can help confirm eligibility under ERISA and identify employment rights and benefits applicable to a situation. An ERISA lawyer can assist in preparing a claim and anticipate issues to avoid denial.

  • Social Security

    Professionals specializing in social security generally handle claims that have been denied or help resolve disputes arising over social security benefits.

    They undertake the appeal process before the agency, gather required evidence, and challenge the administrative decision to help the client receive the benefits they deserve.

Cost of Hiring A Social Security & Retirement Lawyer

The lawyer’s cost is the first thing to think of when deciding to hire legal services for issues and matters related to social security & retirement. While the exact cost of hiring a lawyer depends on various factors like location, the matter’s complexity, and the lawyer’s reputation, the most critical factor is the attorney’s fee structure.

Attorneys handling a lawsuit over the denial of a claim generally operate on a contingency fee basis where you don’t need to pay anything to the lawyer upfront for taking up your case. They agree to take a percentage of the total benefits received from Social Security. The fee is around 25% of the anticipated benefits and can be a maximum of $6,000.

The attorney creates an agreement whereby he gets the fees paid directly by the agency upon winning the case. If you fail to win the case and receive no benefits, the lawyer doesn’t get any fees. However, you may have to bear additional costs related to medical records and other documentation, as well as shipping and travel if necessary.

A contingency fee arrangement may not work if the benefits have already been availed, such as in an ERISA dispute. A lawyer can charge an hourly rate or flat fee in such cases.

The lawyer’s hourly rate would vary based on the geographic location and the case’s complexity. Attorneys practicing in big cities can charge $500-$600 per Hour, while the hourly rate in smaller areas can be $200-$250. The key is asking the lawyer about the fee structure and additional charges you may have to pay to avoid confusion later.

Type Flat Fees Hourly Fees Contingency Fees
ERISA $0 No Upfront Fees To $150 For Initial Consultations

$150 To $700 For Various Filings & Documentation
$150 To $700 Per Hour (Depending On Case Complexity, Experience of The Attorney & Location) 25% of Back Pay Awarded Not Exceeding $6,000
Social Security $0 No Upfront Fees To $250 For Initial Consultations Junior Associate – $150 To $200 Per Hour

Partner – $250 To $700 Per Hour
25% of Back Pay Awarded Not Exceeding $6,000

How To Choose a Lawyer For Social Security & Retirement Issues?

Whether or not you want to seek legal assistance for your social security & retirement issues is a personal decision that depends on individual situations. However, research suggests that having a professional representative boosts your approval chances for social security disability income or insurance claim.

Once you hire a professional lawyer for your issue, the next step is to find the best advocate with expertise in law. There are thousands of attorneys in the United States handling social security and retirement cases, but not all of them are the same. You want to find somebody with prior experience handling matters like yours to get the desired result.

Start by shortlisting some options for attorneys you can consult and compare. Local Social Security Offices provide a list of agencies and referral services to help you find a representative for your case. Your state’s bar association and legal aid organizations would provide good references. Moreover, online directories list social security attorneys practicing in your region.

One of the best ways to find reliable options is to ask your friends, colleagues, and family members for recommendations. Enquire about their past experience with any such professional lawyer and see if you want to consult them for your matter. However, getting names from these sources doesn’t ensure you will get reliable lawyers. Make sure you do sufficient research about each and interview them in person to find out if they suit your requirements and budget.

Things You Might Need To Know Before Talking To A Lawyer.

When you are faced with complicated social security and retirement dispute or have a question about how to proceed with your claim application or lawsuit, it is best to consult a lawyer specializing in law to discuss your issue and the options available.

The lawyer may interview you to analyze your situation and prepare the application or appeal. Before talking to a lawyer, you must do proper research to determine how reputed and experienced the lawyer is.

Ensure that the attorney you hire has specialization in social security insurance and income and has a record of similar cases as yours, with positive outcomes. Check online reviews and testimonials on the website to find out what you can expect. You also want to learn about the lawyer’s fee structure for their service. Try to find out the cost of hiring the lawyer to understand whether it suits your budget.

Narrow down your options from hundred lawyers because you can’t consult them all, try to do some research and shortlist a few specialists in the area. Such a list will ensure that you can quickly find competent, reliable legal representation for your social security disability application or issue and resolve your case.

How To Prepare For A Legal Consultation?

When you start reaching out to lawyers for your social security or retirement issue, they will schedule a consultation to assess your case and decide if they want to work on it.

You can use this meeting as a chance to learn more about the attorney and compare a few to find the best choice. Preparing for legal consultation is essential to make the most out of it.

Documents to bring

When you meet a lawyer, you want to produce all the information they need to understand the case. That includes :

  • details of education, work, and training during the past ten years, including different jobs’ start and end dates
  • current position and duties and details of any physically-challenging activities at work. Ensure you note all the details and carry supporting documents in digital format for easy access.
  • Status of your social security application if you have already applied and letters of correspondence with the SSA.
  • Medical reports and lab test results
  • Name and address of specialists and doctors you have been seeing
  • Details of your current physical abilities, including how much weight you can lift, how long you can sit or stand, and information related to activities required for your job.

If you have applied for a social security disability, your application and reports would contain most of the information the lawyer would need. Make sure you carry these documents to the meeting.

What to expect

Your first meeting with a social security & retirement lawyer will serve as a chance to discuss your situation, analyze the strength of your claim and decide whether you can work together to get the desired outcome. The lawyer will likely ask you many questions about your job, life, and situation to understand how strong your case is. They would also want to analyze the medical evidence to gather relevant information.

Your lawyer can ask you to sign a consent for accessing and using your medical records. Some attorneys may bear the costs associated with retrieving your medical records and bill you later; you may have to pay for these at other times.

Questions to ask at the meeting

The consultation with your lawyer is not only about them analyzing your situation and deciding whether they want to work on your case. It is also an opportunity to determine if you want to hire them. You can prepare a set of questions to ask the attorney during the consultation to learn more about them and decide whether you feel comfortable working with them.

Ask the lawyer about their experience in social security and retirement law. You also want to find out the number of social security cases they have handled in their career and the success rate. Also, enquire whether the lawyer would personally work on your issue or pass it on to an assistant or somebody else.

Apart from these questions, you can ask the attorney what they think about your matter and what outcomes you can expect. You want to know how long it would take to resolve the case and what benefits you will get. An important thing you want to discuss with the lawyer at the consultation is the fee and the pricing structure to determine whether you can afford to hire a lawyer.


When should you hire a social security & retirement lawyer?

Suppose you qualify for benefits under the social security disability program. In that case, you can hire a specialized lawyer to help file your claim, gather evidence and documents related to the lawsuit and improve your chances of getting it approved. It would help if you also considered hiring an attorney for legal representation in case they deny your claim or there is a dispute related to the matter.

How can you find legal services for social security and retirement benefits?

You can find lawyers specializing in social security through online directories and referral services offered by state bar associations and non-profit groups. It would help if you asked for recommendations from colleagues, friends, and family to find exemplary legal assistance for your needs.

How much does it cost to hire a social security lawyer?

Lawyers handling social security disability cases generally work on a contingency fee basis and charge about 25% of the claim benefits from the Social Security Administration or $6000, whichever is lesser.


Filing a social security disability income claim and retirement insurance can be stressful and complicated. However, working with a seasoned lawyer specializing in law can make it easy to navigate the procedure. Make sure you consider the options available, research, and interview the lawyers to find the best lawyer matching your budget and requirements.

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