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Disability Lawyer

Whether you want to file a lawsuit to protect your disability rights or get justice and compensation for being discriminated against based on disability, you might need legal assistance to understand the complex law regarding disabilities and your rights. Disability Lawyers specializing in this area of law can help you navigate the procedures and improve your chances of success.

Disability lawyers also provide the guidance and assistance required with Social Security Insurance and disability benefits, ensuring a smooth experience filing for a claim. Disability procedures and regulations are complex, and choosing an adequately experienced lawyer can prove essential.

In this guide, let us discuss all you should know about disability law and how you can hire the best lawyer for your requirements.

What Is Disability Law?

Disability law is an area of law that protects the rights of individuals with disabilities. Under this law, disabled people are protected against discrimination in matters of housing, education, employment, and access to public services. Discrimination is when an individual or employer treats a person differently because of their disability.

Proffesionals specializing in this area of law help understand and protect the rights of the disabled and provide legal assistance when they think their rights have been violated. Attorneys who practice in the disability field can represent clients before court and file lawsuits against offenders to get justice and compensation in situations of discrimination.

Lawyers experienced in disability law can also help clients understand and navigate the process of obtaining benefits through Social Security Income or Disability Insurance if they have become disabled and cannot work.

More about the law and regulations can be found on American with Disabilities website.

Types of Disability Law & Legal Services

There are different practice areas in disability law depending on the types of case. Let us look at the main types of disability lawyers and their legal services.

    • Disability Insurance

      These attorneys help claim long-term disability insurance and guide you through obtaining LTD benefits. They also help file lawsuits and represent clients in cases related to disability insurance against the insurer or employer.

    • Social Security Disability

      This type of lawyer helps with the social security income application and gathers evidence for the claim to improve the chances of success. They also review the application, check for errors, and even join clients for meetings with Social Security officials.
      Read here about the Social Security Disability Benefits

Cost of Hiring A Disability Lawyer

Whenever you face a situation requiring legal assistance from a disability lawyer, one of the first things you consider is the cost of hiring the service. Though having a specialist by your side improves your chances of winning the case and getting success with your claim, it is natural to wonder how much it costs to hire a disability lawyer for your matter.

First, it is important to note that disability lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, particularly when handling social security disability cases. This means you don’t need to pay flat upfront fees or hourly costs to seek legal assistance. The lawyer, instead, agrees to accept a part of the settlement you receive when you win the case.

Though the contingency fee for disability lawyers can vary depending on the attorney’s geographical location and experience level, the average fee is generally 25% to 40% of the case proceeds. A lawyer must submit a fee agreement to Social Security if they take up a case based on this arrangement.

Other options of cost structure

Sometimes, a disability lawyer can charge a flat fee or an hourly rate for certain types of cases or assistance. These rates can vary based on the case, its complexity, location, and the lawyer’s reputation. Regardless of the attorney’s fee arrangement, you might have to bear additional expenses like travel, medical records, or postage. It is recommended to discuss the costs with the attorney before hiring them.


TypeFixed FeesHourlyContingency Fees
Disability Insurance$0 No Upfront Fees To $200 For Consultations$150 To $200 Per Hour (Depending On The Complexity & Experience of The Attorney)Up to 25% of Backpay, Not Exceeding $6,000
Social Security Disability$0 No Upfront Fees To $400 For Initial Consultation$200 To $400 Per Hour (Depending On The Complexity of The Case & Experience of The Attorney)Up to 25% of Backpay Awarded, Not Exceeding $6,000

How To Choose A Lawyer For Disability Issues?

Once you have decided to hire a lawyer to handle your disability issue or disability income claim, you can start looking for options. While thousands of attorneys in the US specialize in disability law, it is important to consider various factors before deciding on a lawyer because your choice of attorney affects the outcome of your case to a great extent.

You can find disability lawyers around you in a variety of ways. The internet has plenty of resources that offer suggestions based on your requirements. State bar associations also operate referral services that help you find some attorneys you can consult and choose from. Online directories also list reputed attorneys across specializations to make your search easier.

Another failproof way of finding good lawyers to interview is through word of mouth or social media. You can ask your family or friends for recommendations and past experiences with disability lawyers if they have worked with any. However, consult the attorneys and do your research before hiring one.

Things You Need To Know Before Talking To A Lawyer

Suppose you get legal assistance or representation for an issue or a case related to disability. In that case, you should keep a few things in mind before consulting the lawyer.

Your qualification

Before looking for a lawyer, you must know the basics of disability law and claims. Check whether you qualify for a social security disability before discussing applying for a claim to a lawyer. Use the internet and other resources to learn about the law and requirements related to social security disability and verify your eligibility to avoid unnecessary effort and expense.

What the lawyer can and can’t do

To make sure you make an informed decision about choosing a disability lawyer, you must set your expectations right and know your requirements. You might be wasting your time if you are looking for a lawyer to speed up your application and claim. Whether or not you hire a lawyer, the process takes a while to complete.

A lawyer might help you meet deadlines, file the requested documentation on time, and ensure everything is error-free to avoid any downtime but cannot promise you a faster approval. Also, a lawyer cannot guarantee success. You can certainly improve your chances of winning with a good attorney by your side, but a professional lawyer would never promise to win a case.

Experience level of the attorney

When you choose a lawyer, you first want to check how much experience they have dealing with claims similar to yours. Disability is a specialized law area requiring an experienced professional to get the desired outcome from a case. A lawyer who hasn’t handled a type of case similar to yours might not be well-suited for you.,/p>

If SSA denies your application, you must look for a lawyer experienced with the SSA application procedure. A denial can involve complex steps and may require filing a lawsuit, so it is important to hire somebody who understands each step from start to end. If you are faced with a unique situation, see if the attorney has represented clients with similar issues.

Your budget

Social security disability lawyers charge a fixed contingency fee as approved by the SSA. However, you must analyze your situation and determine if you can afford to pay these costs. The legal service may cost you additional charges based on the complexity of your case. Make sure you identify all the costs associated with the issue beforehand and ensure that hiring the lawyer suits your budget.

The locality of the lawyer

Though online searches and advertisements are great ways to find reputed lawyers, some of these lawyers’ locations can be out of your state. It is important to prioritize hiring a disability lawyer who practices in your state and locality to get the desired outcome. Local attorneys know the state laws, know the judges, local practices, and medical experts, and can better handle your case. Moreover, the proximity of the lawyer is particularly significant when your case involves meeting the lawyer in person.

Expertise in disability law

Disability law is a speciality; attorneys not practicing in the area are unlikely to be familiar with the social security disability regulations. Please make sure you look for lawyers from professional groups associated with disability law and SSI, which will ensure they are up to date with the latest changes in the law and regulations. Well, an experienced lawyer will know the ins and outs of the landscape, improving your chances of winning the case and getting your claim and benefits at the earliest.

Professionalism and Communication

You want to hire somebody you can rely on for your disability case or social security disability income. Though disability lawyers are busy people, they should be able to communicate professionally and regularly with you. If you feel that the lawyer doesn’t take the time to answer your questions or explain the matter and possible outcomes, you can look for another professional.

How To Prepare For A Legal Consultation?

Disability lawyers often handle many cases and spend so much time in court. However, most of them will offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your matter and decide whether you can work together. Preparing for the legal consultation is important to ensure you make the most out of this opportunity to learn about the attorney, your legal matter, and the action plan.

Prepare a set of questions.

You should prepare a list of questions to ask the lawyer at the meeting. Feel free to ask about his experience level, expertise, skills, success rates, and knowledge of the area of law. Preparing the questions ahead of time will make sure you don’t forget anything. You can also have some space to note down the answers to gather information about the case and the lawyer, which would help you with your decision.

It would help if you also ask the attorney what they think about your case, the game plan for the case, the possible outcomes, and the chances of success. You should check for similar cases and outcomes by this lawyer. You also want to enquire about the time it will take to get the resolution. Include questions about the cost of legal assistance and fee arrangement as well.

Gather documents

Your lawyer would want to go through your documents to understand the matter and undertake the procedure for the claim in case of social security disability. Make sure you keep digital copies of all the relevant documents ready to present before the lawyer at the meeting.

If the attorney hasn’t sent you a list, you can carry all the documents you think would be useful. It would be best if you also produced letters and correspondences related to your job, insurance documents, medical reports, and other evidence associated with the case.


How much does a disability lawyer cost?

Disability lawyers generally have a capped fee of $6000 or 25% of your disability payback, whichever is lesser. However, the exact cost of hiring the lawyer depends on the nature of your case, the locality, and the lawyer’s reputation.

Why should you hire a disability lawyer?

The most prominent reason for hiring a disability lawyer is to increase your chances of getting the compensation approved. Statistics suggest that Social Security is more likely to approve applications represented by legal counsel.

Where can you find legal services for disability cases?

You can find good lawyers to handle your disability case in several ways. You can ask your friends and family for recommendations, check the internet for suggestions in your area, or browse the state bar association website to see lists of lawyers specializing in the area.


Finding the right lawyer for your disability matter can take effort. Applying for disability benefits and handling a case related to social security disability can be difficult, particularly when faced with a problem. A seasoned disability lawyer can ease your burden and give you peace of mind by taking care of documentation and procedures related to your claim. They also help avoid errors that can result in denials. Still, it is worth taking time to shortlist some options, do your research and consult lawyers to get legal assistance for the desired outcome.

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