Employee Rights Legal Terms Glossary

Understand Your Workplace Protections - Key Employee rights Legal Terms Defined

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Employee Rights

  • Constructive DischargeWhen an employer makes working conditions so intolerable that a reasonable employee is forced to resign.

  • DiscriminationThe unjust or unequal treatment of an employee based on protected characteristics like race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

  • Disparate TreatmentIntentional discrimination against one or more individuals based on their protected characteristics.

  • Employment-at-willA doctrine that allows an employer to terminate an employee for any reason, without cause, as long as it's not illegal discrimination or retaliation.

  • Hostile Work EnvironmentA workplace where offensive or abusive behavior creates an intimidating, hostile or abusive atmosphere for employees.

  • Wrongful TerminationAn unlawful firing of an employee in contravention of employment laws, contractual obligations or public policies.